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Our core concept in Open Child and Youth Work

Children and youths shape the world of today and tomorrow. Each individual carries an enormous potential through his or her thirst for knowledge, vitality and creative drive, and we view all people as unique, important and valuable. We operate on the assumption that every individual has positive interest in the healthy development of his or her own person, in cultivating a meaningful, fulfilled life and in successful social interactions. It is our goal in open child and youth work to discover, foster and grow the potentials of individual children and youths in a way that is both many-faceted and sustainable. Our efforts in the field are guided by our core concept for open child and youth work. (Download).

Child and youth work as an obligatory task!

We view open child and youth work as per § 11 SGB VIII as an obligatory task in the broader context of child and youth services, not as an optional service. Children and youths have a right to appropriate programs. At the same time, we assume a central and responsible role between a warranty obligation of local governments and an absent legal right to financial support for private vis-à-vis public youth welfare service providers.

Legal basis

  • As per § 11 SGB VIII, young persons shall be provided with appropriate youth work programs necessary to foster their development. Such programs shall tailor to the interests of young persons, allow their active participation and contribution, foster self-determination and encourage and develop social responsibility and community involvement. Youth work programs may also include persons over the age of 27 to an appropriate degree.
  • In addition, educational work shall develop initiatives at the intersection of § 13 (youth social work) and § 16 (parenting support) of the German Social Act SGB VIII. OUTLAW gGmbH carries out these duties of Open Youth Work based on § 74 SGB VIII (promotion of private youth services) and § 80 SGB VIII (planning of youth services).
  • In addition to German federal law, we also comply with legislation of individual German states and the guidelines and requirements of local governments wherever applicable.
  • We pay special attention to legislation and guidelines relating to child protection (see: § 8a SGB VIII German Federal Child Protection Act). Based on the German Federal Child Protection Act, we take action in keeping with legal requirements to ensure the protection of each child’s well-being.