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Culture, Learning, Recreation

We seek to reach children, youths, young adults and families directly in their respective social environments – and to open for them as many opportunities as possible. We support young persons as they rise to each further stage of their individual development. Our open child and youth work service programs help prevent exclusion and contribute to the individual’s ability to balance self-will and the demands of one’s community and society at large. We seek to offer needs-oriented services that aptly address all target groups of open child and youth work while simultaneously using existing funds and resources to accomplish these goals as far as possible. We are also committed to active participation and taking a stance in political decisions related to the youth welfare sector, budgetary debates and planning processes.


  • Open work and open programs
  • Topical project work
  • Mobile and outreach work
  • Youth and neighborhood work
  • Recreational programs, holiday trips, field trips
  • Meeting and neighborhood centers
  • Coop programs with schools
  • Parent and family work
  • Cooperation and networking, community work
  • International youth exchange