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Flexible one-stop support programs

Outlaw‘s parenting support programs help out where they are needed: In each respective district at points of contact and living communities, at home within the family, in family-like living groups, socio-educational shared accommodation.

Our concept of flexible parenting support is based on our conviction that any necessary and suitable support program should be developed individually. We believe that children, adolescents and families should not have to bend to a support program. Instead, our offers are oriented to the client‘s needs. We are committed to preserving established relationships and the familiar environment wherever possible as well as strengthening and actively including both in the aid process. We offer one-stop parenting support and are thus able, wherever possible, to respond to the needs of young persons without a change of institution or caregiver.


• Residential programs (shared flats, assisted living, assisted single and youth living, girls’ shared flats, siblings’ shared flats, etc.)
• Family-like living groups and socio-educational shared accommodation
• Partly residential programs
• Home-visiting programs (socio-educational family support, parental counseling, systemic family therapy, ambulant crisis intervention and more)
• Socio-educational one-on-one case work
• School projects (all-day programs, dropout prevention)
• Social group work
• Incarceration prevention

Legal basis

• Parenting support (§§ 27 ff SGB VIII)
• Parenting support in combination with full-time care (§§ 27/§ 33 SGB VIII)
• Other types of assisted living (§ 34 SGB VIII)
• Integration support for intellectually disabled children and adolescents (§ 35a SGB VIII)
• Assistance planning procedure (§ 36 SGB VIII)
• Support for young adults, aftercare (§ 41 SGB VIII)
• Family support (§§ 16 ff SGB VIII)
• Youth work (§ 11 SGB VIII)
• Youth social work (§ 13 SGB VIII)
• Emergency child removal (§ 42 SGB VIII)
• Private youth services support (§ 74 SGB VIII)
• Youth services planning (§ 80 SGB VIII)