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Our core concept in Daycare & More

The preconditions for working with children vary greatly within Germany – from legal and organizational basics (e.g. teacher-child ratios) through regional and local features to the cultural and social conditions in which children grow up. And yet in order to guarantee all our facilities offer the same high quality of care and adherence to Outlaw’s core principles and values, all our daycare centers work according to a uniform core concept for Daycare & More (document link). This concept guarantees that the quality of our work is constantly ensured, verified and developed.

We fulfill our mission to educate, raise and care by supporting each child in its development to a self-reliant, responsible, decisive and socially competent individual – in this way we also counteract every form of adversity. Securing each child’s best interests is our utmost priority.

Learning by playing! The core and common theme of our daycare center work is our motto “Learning by playing”. We know how important play is for the development of all children and that each child’s desire to discover and explore the world is in reality a deep-seated need. In our centers, boys and girls find various learning stimuli that awaken their natural joy of discovery and learning. Learning is fun! And at OUTLAW, it’s an adventure. Every child learns differently and we give each individual child the time it requires to grow step by step. Our daycare centers are open for all children and families regardless of their social, cultural, ethnic or religious background. Wherever the on-site conditions permit, our work is integrative and we care for children with special needs.

Educational partnership with parents: Since parents are an integral part of their children’s ongoing learning and growing up, they are our natural educational partners. With us, your child is in the best of hands. It is important to us that your child feels comfortable and at ease here. Our work is oriented toward the needs of children and their families as we work together with parents to honor their wishes while we develop our programs. We strive to assist and support parents in their childrearing role – with our expertise, our observations and our insight, we stand alongside parents as they raise their children. Our programs enable mothers and fathers to balance family and work.

Social environment orientation: Outlaw stands for child and youth services geared toward each client’s individual social environment. Our facilities are an elementary part of these environments and of public life, while at the same time serving the children as safe spaces. Our facilities network in these social environs with other facilities such as sports clubs, educational institutions and leisure facilities among others. Children’s and family centers also provide resources in the social environment by directly integrating low-threshold parenting support programs in our facilities. A consistent socio-spatial orientation helps improve the life circumstances for children, adolescents and families.

Integration and inclusion: Integration and inclusion form an important foundation of our educational work and our attitude in Daycare & More and at Outlaw in general. Where people are excluded, integration is imperative and inclusion the goal. We define integration as the imperative need to re-include persons who have been ostracized and excluded due to their being different. Inclusion means broad acceptance of this constructed otherness – a vibrant diversity without categories and marginalization.

Gender orientation: Our gender-sensitive pedagogy affords opportunities to explore one’s own gender identity and question stereotypes. Our professional social education workers handle diversity with sensitivity and consciously tap into the different resources of boys and girls. We are dedicated to continuously increasing the ratio of male employees in our facilities.

Participation and cooperation: Participation in democratic processes to form one’s own living environment is a basic human right of all people. We strive to involve the children in our facilities in all matters that concern them – to a degree appropriate to the individual development level of each.

Handling of transitions: The way transitions between family and educational institutions or within a single facility are handled is extremely important. Each transition process is attended to individually by our educational staff. In close coordination with parents, we lay the foundation for a trustful cooperation. When children feel safe and secure, they are already in possession of a vital fundamental for successful education and development. Children that feel safe and secure approach new groups with excitement and confidence; they learn to view changed life circumstances as a learning opportunity and can use them for their own ongoing growth.

Structural and contentual quality: We are committed to the best possible training for our professional education staff as well as an efficient target agreement system, securing administrative and professional supervision, transparent employment and working conditions, regular professional exchange and consultation, team-oriented work, clearly defined complaint management, and much more.

Want to know more? Click here for the Outlaw Daycare & More core concept (current version)