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What is Daycare & More?

More than 4,000 girls and boys play, learn and laugh in Outlaw daycare centers each and every day. About 50 daycare centers, countless caregivers, one after-school center and two open all-day schools provide care, learning and instruction in keeping with the Outlaw core principles of tolerance, solidarity, integration and inclusion.

Every child has the right to a happy childhood and individual promotion of her/his abilities and potential — regardless of external conditions, background, gender, place of residence, world outlook, etc. We stand up for these rights!

Our services have included daycare centers for over 15 years now. Driven by the conviction that child and youth services can only take full effect as a whole, our concept of early-childhood learning and care has taken root in our many locations. We were also able to create the ideal architectural and spatial conditions for our educational concept in several large new building projects.

Daycare & More encompasses all programs relating to early-childhood learning, care and instruction. These programs reach into the child’s social sphere and are always oriented toward the needs of children and their parents.

Daycare & More offers support to families with individual, custom-tailored offers and solutions to meet their current needs.

Daycare & More is a partner to parents, community government and other organizations. We know our way around planning and financing new facilities. We cooperate with local authorities and other institutions to lead and complete construction projects, reliably and independently.

Daycare & More is involved in the social sphere and collaborates in networks and committees. Our work is also guided by current professional discourse. We believe in professionally qualified early-childhood social education.